Sunday, 25 November 2007

Scottish Christmas Late Availability

This is my first blog here, so it may take me a wee while to feel at home. Once I'm comfortable, know my way around, and able to put my feet up I'll be happy to blether on. A bit like one should expect from Scottish holiday cottages actually - A welcoming, comfortable, home from home.

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I'd mention the availability of my Edinburgh Holiday Villa and Georgian Flat in the Edinburgh New Town . New Year is already booked I'm afraid, at both rentals, however we still have the Christmas weeks available. Edinburgh is a fine destination in December, especially for theatre lovers, shoppers, and those who know how to ice skate without gripping onto side walls (or complete strangers) for dear life. Edinburghs winter wonderland includes an Ice Skating Rink at the foot of Edinburgh Castle, there's German markets too!

Scotland in December is a fun place to be. Actually it's always fun, whether for Peaceful Lochside Breaks, Romantic Weekends in Breathtaking Scenery or City Centre historical experiences...

If anyone needs to know where to find Scottish Christmas Souvenirs, or wishes to book an Edinburgh Holiday Rental, just visit our website and send me an e:mail! There's some great deals going on for Scottish Cashmere right now. Bagpiping Santa's too...

Mention this Scottish blog and we'll give you a special Christmas rental price.

Tis The Season!


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