Friday, 9 November 2007

Last minute Christmas Break Scotland self catering

The new last minute page offering selected properties still available for Christmas and New Year breaks is doing ok on its opening debut. (Isn't an opening always a debut? Must look up my book on tautology)

It was put in the website as a new page on Wednesday, two days ago. Google has indexed the new page already, we have managed to get on to page one for one or two good search terms and people have already found us. 5 visits yesterday to the page and one click on one of the website links. Traffic will build a bit, maybe we'll get 150 visitors in total interested before Christmas.

"christmas self catering break scotland" is one where we have page one, and also the blog site also has made page one. Google is brilliant isn't she? Here is another search term - we are more or less top of the page "christmas last minute break scotland"

Mind you a big search term such as "scotland christmas break" is beyond us because we have competition from all the hotel sites and directories.

It is not going to be big this, but it might do a bit for someone. Can I suggest that the members of this blog might add a little piece in the top left or top right corner of your index page with the words "Christmas (or New Year) self catering break still available (name your area)" Even a small traffic site will be getting about 200 visitors a week. Half of these are no good - they are looking for something else and hit the site by mistake - but you might get one or two to stick and bookmark you if they see your little comment in the top. You can change it later to January break/ February break etc and each time Google will find you and you'll head the Google page for each month.

But the big advantage will be for Google to find your new comment about availability and list you in the pages when someone asks for a Christmas break, self-catering in your area. You will not have much web competition for that.

Then you have one more opportunity. You should have at least one other site to link to your new page saying something like "Christmas self catering break still available in (your area) That is what this blog is for, you can do it yourself. This link in to your page is what tells Google that something new is happening and that your site's page is important. Especially if you use the same keywords as you have used in your own index page. (I used four blogs to link to the new page in last minute. All short, took two minutes each. Nah, I lie. Ten minutes each)

It is important to use the keywords such as /self catering/your area/christmas/holiday or break, in any order. Use them in the link to you and in your page.

I know that most of you use someonme else to do your website and this is such a pain.
It costs money, telephone calls, arguments, waiting. Can you pay them to show you how to enter your own site, put in the little changes you need, and upload the site to the web? It is not difficult I promise. It will take you less time than a phone call to your web person.

Do you feel a New Year's Resolution coming on?

I did this by posting this blog rather than by e-mail because then I can get in some more links to help the new page in the last minute site.

Still available for Xmas and the New Year, self catering in Scotland

Here are links to more properties which have availability at Christmas and I'm going to be putting them into a second page on the web site Short breaks,self catering late availability, special offers for Christmas and New Year Scotland

Christmas in the Highlands proper near Kyle of Lochalsh, Skye,by Eilean Donan castle

Spend Christmas in Argyllshire in the Loch Lomond National Park

Christmas at a 4 bedroom villa in Scotland's wonderful capital City Edinburgh

Autumn short Breaks November December Glencoe

Well, one has to blow one's own......doesn't one?

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