Sunday, 4 January 2009

Last minute off season, low price, short breaks available in Scotland

You get the best self catering rates at the moment. In January many fine properties offer short breaks at less than £8 per head per night. That is fantastic value, B+Bs are three times that.

And the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. This is the Pap of Glencoe. The famous massacre took place on February 14th on a very cold day, at 5am in 1692. Before Scotland was joined officially to England this was.

The people in the Glen were driven out of their beds by the Argyll soldiers, and they fled over the hills in the dark and cold to where our cottage is situated near Duror, in Stewart country.

39 of them were killed, or died in the snow. But most of the soldiers, far from killing them as ordered, made sure they got away. They fired warning shots and gave the alarm, even though it meant death for the soldiers if they were caught doing it. The commander of the attack was not given his orders until midnight, so they were unprepared for the atrocity they had to commit.

People say, even to-day, that it was a Campbell inspired massacre, but the facts tell us that it was a government plot. It was engineered in Edinburgh to get rid of the troublesome clans, and signed off by William, King of England, though he denied it later when the protests broke out. Ever the same with politics isn't it?

The connection with the Pap is that legend has it that a lone piper escaped to the top of the Pap, and sounded a lament on the pipes. This told the Camerons and Mackenzies and Stewarts that a great disaster had occurred. Many MacDonalds were taken in by these other clans.

Wouldn't you like to have a break from this credit crunch talk, and have some time off in this most peaceful place, well, peaceful to-day at any rate?

If you look at the link below my name you'll find about ten other properties, apart from ours, all over Scotland, and they are all offering you a warm and peaceful welcome to Scotland.

ps You will never get any house accommodation at as low a cost as this, it is the finest value for money, absolutely the finest.

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