Saturday, 23 February 2008

Lettings at Bayview 60% up on a year ago

We have been very lucky at Bayview. Our bookings off season are well up on a year ago, and we only have about 12 weeks left free until the end of September. Yes, a stroke of fortune - one couple has booked four weeks in April, coming back to their old home from the USA for a visit. Even so.

We have one short break in March available. You can see latest availability here.

  • last minute, late availability Glencoe, self catering cottage

  • I also want to put in a link here to our new page about the Vikings on Scotland's West coast. This helps Google to find the page.

  • The Vikings in Glencoe, the Terror, the Glencoe Battle

  • This might be one of the reasons our bookings are up. Over half of the entries to our website come in to the inside pages. These relate to Walks in Glencoe, the Weather, the Massacre of glencoe and so on. These folks are looking for information and I think that they also examine the cottage while they are at it.


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