Monday, 20 August 2007

Beside the Seven Sisters, minutes before you reach the Isle of Skye...

Gillian and I were surrounded by the most beautiful mountains. We had driven along the small road towards Skye, from Invergarry. We dropped down towards the most photographed castle in the world, Eilean Donan, looking peaceful now, but deadly in its day, then up towards the Seven Sisters of Kintail, wondering if we had the energy....

Around the corner then was Colin, simply the most affable and warmest of men and the owner of Conchra Cottages.

I first met him at a meeting of holiday home owners when we found ourselves on the same side of a debate, the origins of which I've forgotten now, but I think our side lost. We've become e-mail chums - huffing and puffing against the rights and wrongs of many issues, on all of which we seem to agree. It is the "We are right and they are wrong strategy" and it works well for us.

His 3 cottages are wonderful and the garden flat which can sleep up to 6 people. From them you can see the little Highland village of Dornie across the water. The first - or is it the last - of the Seven Sisters is growing out of his back garden.

So would you like it if the romance of the Isle of Skye was only ten minutes away, if you had magnificent walks and views all around, to see some small old Highland communities on the lochsides, see the last remaining turntable ferry in Scotland, look inside an ancient and mysterious broch, and wonder as everyone does, about its origins and purpose a couple of thousand years ago? Of course.

You can find some wonderful pictures of the area here.

The Winter rates vary around £280 for a week.


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